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Butler Allen McDaniel releases new CD - In Cahoots

BUTLER ALLEN McDANIEL is releasing its first CD - In Cahoots - on October 1st.

The trio met while they were chasing rock glory in the heyday of 80s Los Angeles, the epicenter of the music business at the time.

"We would jam a lot of blues, but never thought of putting a blues thing together. We felt you had to be an older guy with more wisdom of life to play it right," Butler adds.

Flash forward thirty years... it's time!

In Cahoots features Patrick Butler and Marvin McDaniel on guitar, Andre Allen on drums and Steve Hoshko on bass. The CD is available at the band's website - - as well as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, CDBaby, Bandcamp and many other fine retailers.


Bob Putignano, Sounds of Blue

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